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Rural India is the real face of our country. India’s strength lies in its villages. Rural areas contribute significantly to the overall growth and economic development of our country.

It is important to engage the rural youth in a productive way in tandem with their aspirations.

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Help The Poor Throughout Us

Employability Skills

What is missing in rural educated poor youth is Job Readiness Skills

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Vocational Skills

Minimum qualification with some vocational skills leads to employment opportunities.

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Placement Support

Provide platform to fulfil career aspirations of rural youth with industry tie-ups.

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A Dream In Their Mind is our mission

Aspire Rural tackles growing unemployability by mentoring, training and skilling the underprivileged rural youth until they are job-ready or self-employable through its Rural first initiatives.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between aspirations of rural youngsters and the market opportunities.

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Get A Chance To Give Back

Volunteer with Aspire Rural make a difference in the lives of rural poor. Because volunteering gives the hope to those that need it.

By giving back, you are not only helping rural lives grow stronger, but you are also become stronger.

Knowing that you made a positive impact on someone is an emotionally uplifting experience not matched by money or fame.


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